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​William Saffady


IG and RIM Consulting Services
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I have been involved in hundreds of IG and RIM consulting projects as the principal provider and as a subcontractor to other consultants.

Here are some examples of recent projects:

  • For a large non-profit organization, a survey and gap analysis for recordkeeping practices related to personally identifiable information
  • For an international organization, a gap analysis of existing practices and development of a governance model for electronic records management.
  • For a major cultural institution, development of a strategy and specifications for an archival preservation system for historically significant electronic records.
  • For a multinational financial institution, development of an implementation strategy and legal research for preparation and implementation of a global record retention schedule.
  • For a payment integrity company, legal research to identify requirements for healthcare claim information in all 50 states.
  • For a large urban medical center, development of RIM policies and a retention schedule for records maintained by clinical departments and business units.
  • For a county government agency, a needs assessment and development of technical specifications and implementation plan for an integrated system for storage and retention of inactive electronic and paper records.
  • For a municipal social services agency, development of disaster recovery guidelines for mission-critical records that support family services.
  • For an international philanthropic organization, development of guidelines for email archiving and preservation of historically significant databases.
  • For a state government agency, needs assessment, recommendations, and budgetary estimates for file formats and software for management and long-term preservation of electronic records.