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​William Saffady

I am the author of over three-dozen books and many articles on information governance and records management topics.

Examples include the following titles, which were published by ARMA International in the indicated years:

  • Record Retention Requirements: A Guide to 100 Commonly-Encountered Record Series (2018) 
  • Information Governance: Concepts, Requirements, Technology (2017)
  • Records and Information Management: Fundamentals of Professional Practice, Third Edition (2015).
  • Legal Requirements for Electronic Records Retention in Asia (2015).
  • Legal Requirements for Electronic Records Retention in Western Europe (2014).
  • Legal Requirements for Electronic Records Retention in Eastern Europe (2014).
  • Email Retention and Archiving: Issues and Guidance for Compliance and Discovery (2013).
  • Cost Analysis Concepts and Methods for Records Management Projects, Second Edition (2011).

​I am currently working on a survey and analysis of legal and regulatory requirements for retention of accounting records in every country in the world.  It is intended for multi-national organizations that need to know the requirements in specific countries or for organizations that want to implement uniform retention practices that are legally compliant in all countries where they have business operations.